Posting an ad in is quite simple. All you need to do is to fill the 'post-ad' page and hit the 'Post' button. 'post-ad' page can be opened by clicking on the 'Post Free Ad' button located at the top right of the website.
There is no cost to advertise with
We will send an email to the registered email address to notify once your ad content is approved and the ad is publically visible. Once your ad is visible, interested users may send queries regarding the ad. You need to login to your PFads account to check and respond to user messages.
An ad you posted will remains in for 30 days. Then it will automatically be archived. You can explore it again from 'Archived Ads' section in your account. There are options to delete the ad permanently or repost it.
You can delete your item at any time from your pfads account 'My Ads' section.
An ad you posted once will expire after 30 days. After expiry an ad is not listed publically and is archived. You can explore your expired ads from your account 'Archived Ads' page and can decide whether to repost, keep or delete permanently.